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  • Healthy balance

    Humans have been eating noodles for over 2000 years - this food is time tested!

    Today more than 2 billion people ACROSS THE WORLD eat noodles daily. A portion of our noodles contains almost all necessary vitamins and micro elements that you need every day. It is scientifically proven that stir frying, like we do, keeps all the goodies inside the dish. 

    Also consider: low calories, pure protein and high energy menu options.


    NOO Noodles - possibly are the best noodles you'll ever have! NOO meals are cooked individually on fire in front of you. Choose your ingredients and watch. Make it personal! We have a big variety of tastes to choose from. You will never get bored with NOO Noodles! It's fun to eat outside or have it delivered to your door.                    

    We love fresh food which gives you energy, keeps you happy and healthy!

    Make every wok rewarding

    We are extremely happy to invite all new and existing customers to become our friends. Join #NooFriends rewards programme and get more then usually. This is our way to say "thank you"  for your loyalty. #NooFriends is a unique opportunity to be rewarded for eating favourite food! All you need to grab the #NooFriends rewards card over the counter and register it online. Please note, this is just a beginning! We will be updating special offers and promotions regularly. We appreciate your feedback as well. Let us know what you think about it! 
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